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Avenue du Parc Alata - BP 2
60550 Verneuil-en-Halatte, France
Mr. Olivier Salvi, olivier.salvi(at)


INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT SAS is a private company hold by INERIS, the French Institute for Industrial Environmental and Risks (Institut National de l’Environnement Industriel et des Risques) which is the only shareholder. INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT has been created in June 2013 with the objective to develop the international activities of the shareholder in the field of industrial risks prevention and environment protection. With that purpose, INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT works in close cooperation with INERIS experts.

Regarding the scientific activities INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT supports INERIS and other research partner by mobilizing its network which is based on the participation in the European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (ETPIS) and in the European Risk & Resilience Institute (EU-VRi). INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT is a full member of EU-VRi and a SME according to the European Commission criteria.
INERIS DEVELOPPMENT has created in 2014 a subsidiary company in Algeria. This company CINDYRIS is offering services in industrial safety and environment protection in Algeria, both of the industry and the public authorities.


Key Business / Risk Area

Business Areas:




Infrastructure & Construction


Social science & humanities



Industrial Technologies





Risk Areas:

Risk Governance

Industrial Risk

Environmental Risks

Occupational Risks

Financial Risks

Social/Societal Risks

Health Risks

Asset Integrity Risks (RBI etc.)

Life Cycle Analysis

Standards and Regulations



Main Products / Services

  • Support in the creation of new business at international level in the field of industrial risks prevention and environment protection
  • Studies and strategic advice in the field of industrial risks prevention and environment protection
  • Networking and positioning of new business related to safety and risk management in an international context

Key Projects
(running or just finished)

  • SafeBiogas - Contribution to the development of a guide for biogas safety and regulation
  • High risk chemical facilities and risk mitigation in the African Atlantic Façade (AAF) Region, CBRN Centers of Excellence,

Why we joined EU-VRi?

  • Access to a very dynamic, large and structured network in the field of integrated risk management being at the same time a think tank and an operational organization to develop projects and business
  • Opportunity to find business partners in the field of industrial risk prevention and environment protection
  • Find synergies between research and business