June 12, 2020
EU-VRi is proud to announce the publication of the its article “Assessing resilience of healthcare infrastructure exposed to COVID-19: emerging risks, resilience indicators, interdependencies and international standards" in the Springer edition “Environment Systems and Decisions". This article has been prepared in close collaboration with several EU-VRi partners, namely Steinbeis R-Tech, MUW, SWICA, SINTEF, DRK and BJAST. more
June 3, 2020
Invitation to supply an expertise service for benchmarking and labelling of industrial clusters - Expert(s) Recruitment for Clusters Benchmarking and labelling. more
June 2, 2020
ENCIRCLE launched the "2020 CBRN Stakeholder survey" covering CBRN specific areas and also general questions concerning standards and procurement so are applicable to not just the CBRN community, an additional area included is hybrid-threats. more
April 13, 2020
The H2020 project is now completed, with a concrete proposal for the creation of a self-sustainable European-wide virtual Centre for risk management and safe innovation in nanomaterials and nanotechnology. more
April 13, 2020

The SmartResilience H2020 project, coordinated by EU-VRi, has finished and its main results are released.

April 13, 2020
EU-VRi is glad to announce that the AssureMoss H2020 project has been selected for funding and is expected to start by the end of 2020. more
March 1, 2020
The Extratex project, coordinated by NTT, has been launched in March 2020. more
February 14, 2019

Steinbeis R-Tech and EU-VRi passed the ISO 9001 audit based on the 2015 revised version of the standard which is focusing on risk thinking and strategic planning.