European Risk & Resilience Institute, the European organization which provides the highest quality of professional service, consulting, information and education needed in the broad area of modern integrated risk management and management of emerging risks. EU-VRi covers, but is not limited, to the areas of oil and gas industry, e-health, biomedical industry, corporate social responsibility, environmental risk management, business risks, transport risks, logistics. EU-VRi is organized as an EEIG.

What is an EEIG?

The purpose of a European Economic Interest Grouping is to facilitate or develop the economic activities of its members by a pooling of resources, activities or skills. This will produce better results than the members acting alone. It is not intended that the grouping should make profits for itself. If it does make any profits, they will be apportioned among the members and taxed accordingly. Its activities must be related to the economic activities of its members, but cannot replace them. An EEIG must have at least two members from different Member States. An EEIG does not necessarily have to be formed with capital. Members are free to use alternative means of financing.

Who can join the EU-VRi?

An EEIG can be formed by companies, firms and other legal entities governed by public or private law which have been formed in accordance with the law of a Member State and which have their registered office in the Community. It can also be formed by individuals carrying on an industrial, commercial, craft or agricultural activity or providing professional or other services in the Community.

What are the main objectives and planned activities of the EU-VRi EEIG?

Provide services on a commercial basis to industry, research community and/or public authorities Connect individual industrial companies or networks of companies to the most appropriate research facility – in effect acting as a research broker Establish and document the state of the art in the particular field of expertise of the virtual institute. Identify research and development needs and gaps in the particular field of expertise. Act as an information centre for research results and developments. Facilitate mobility of researchers between institutes within the Virtual Institute and industry. Act as a tool to create consortia to address the R&D needs and gaps identified in above and support research collaboration. For further information check our new Annual Report 2018-2019.

What are the main benefits to be a member of EU-VRi EEIG?

To provide better business opportunities through integrating the available human and other resources concerning integrated risk management at European level To ensure better chances for EU funded projects through representing the economic interest of the related industries by a strong grouping at EU level To provide better opportunities for the group members to affect EU policy.