The main activities and services that EU-VRi provides to its members include;

  • Consortium building: EU-VRi helps partners enrich their consortium and build a strong partnership that is capable of implementing the project ideas.
  • Proposal writing & submission: EU-VRi provides good templates and help in generic aspects related to proposals for research projects and for the administrative submission process.
  • Management & coordination: EU-VRi provides day-to-day administrative and financial project management in close collaboration with the scientific leader of the project.
  • Stakeholder involvement and liaison: EU-VRi provides management of stakeholder platforms (advisors/experts, end-users, technology providers etc.) by reaching out to its members from academia, research and industry to ensure active participation of relevant groups through surveys, focus groups or group-Delphi-exercises. EU-VRi collaborates with relevant externals from public, industry and academia/research to gather feedback to the project plans and/or results and to promote them.
  • Targeted dissemination: EU-VRi plans targeted dissemination activities in close alignment with the project goals. Dissemination activities include the creation and maintenance of a dedicated project website, distribution of newsletters, organization of international conferences, workshops or summer schools etc.
  • Exploitation & Implementation: EU-VRi develops exploitation strategies tailored to the project results and project consortium by carefully considering Intellectual Property Rights. This includes drafting of business plan in close collaboration with all partners interested in using the results to ensure take-up of the members’ results.
  • Standardization: EU-VRi acts as “standardization help desk” in your projects to increase impact and visibility of the research results. This includes identification of standardization opportunities, mapping of standards on specific topics, liaison with relevant Technical Committees, clustering of initiatives to reach critical masses necessary for developing new standards, development of CWA business plans as well as informing the project partners about standardization procedures.
  • Education & Training: EU-VRi organizes the development of education and training programs based on the partners’ project results and possibly link them to existing and already successful programs or schemes.